Tuesday, September 16, 2014


So, Here are is what i did in Russia (some of it)  I wasn't able to get pictures of some of the truly amazing places because 1) in some places in may have been rude.  And 2) sorry but I am NOT pulling out a digital camera in a Russian jail.  NOPE!

One of the places I went where I couldn't take pictures was a nursing home.  My heart went out to these people.  No joke, 80% of the people in this home were missing limbs (still existing side effect of Chernobyl) and the nurses were really mean to the old people.  They were so lonely!  In the room we visited, at one moment all of the 4 women in there started crying.  One said, "I'm just so glad you came."  They are so lonely!  No one ever comes to visit them.  They just drop them there then forget they exist!  It broke my heart.

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