Friday, December 26, 2014

Broken World

The world is in trouble.  We all know this, but does anyone really know the extent to how messed up the world is?  Many times, I have tried to raise awareness about these issues and the person will say, "Don't tell me, I don't want to know."  They just want to pretend it doesn't happen when the truth is so horrible.
Children are being SOLD every day for forced labor, begging, and to be exploited sexually.  Pretending this issue is there doesn't make it go away.
Thailand, Bangladesh, India, China, Cambodia... So many children EVERY DAY are being sold like animals.  And it's not just in Asia, did you know that there is a good amount of trafficking in America as well?  Houston Texas is a big city for that.  And you will find these things in every big city.  New York City, Los Angelous, Las Vegas, need I go on?  It's everywhere, and the reason it's not going away is because there are so few people fighting this!
Fun fact for everyone: there is more slavery in the world today then there was at any other time in history.  Kind of scary, isn't it?

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