Tuesday, September 16, 2014


WOW!  It's been FOREVER since I've blogged! Lol, so a little about me: I am a Jesus Freak, Jesus s my life and my everything and I am a missionary.  God has called me to Russia, which I have already been to and am going back next summer to hopefully work in an orphanage 14.9 miles north west of Moscow!! Slava Bogoo (praise God).  Long term I am hopefully getting down to India/ China Bangladesh/ Cambodia region to rescue child slaves.
Few people know about how truly horrifying child trafficing is.  Want some statistics?

Did you know that 80% of Russia’s population lives in orphanages?
Did you know that in the orphanages, kids will start drinking and smoking as young as six years old?
Did you know that these children ‘graduate’ the orphanage when they are 16 with no idea how to get a job or survive on their own?
Did you know that very few of these children will live to see 30?  They will end up overdosing on drugs and alcohol and will pass out- and never wake up.  Someone needs to help them, show them a better way, show them the hope we have in Christ.  That is why I am going to Russia. 
Who wants to come with me?

Did you know: 600,000-800,000 woman and children are trafficked across international borders every year?  Human Trafficking is one of the world’s largest problems.
“Just like in other parts of Asia, Bangladeshi girls (under 18 years of age) from the villages are trafficked for about 1,000 US dollars and sold to the sex industry. But human trafficking is not confined to the sex industry. Bangladeshi children (aged about 4 to 15 years) are also largely trafficked:
To work in dirty, difficult, and dangerous jobs as bonded or forced labor,
To get their body parts, such as kidneys and other internal organs,
To become "camel race jockeys" in the Arab Gulf countries that expose them to serious physical injury (even death), misery and loneliness.”  Someone needs to save them.  That is why I am going to Bangladesh.

Who wants to come with me?

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